Water Heater Repair in Simpsonville, SC


People count on their water heater to provide them with hot water for basic necessities like showering, washing dishes and doing laundry. Getting the problem fixed quickly is a priority. Our Simpsonville water heater repair service can investigate the issue, diagnose the problem and provide you with all available options.


Common Water Heater Problems

There are several things that might go wrong with a water heater, including inoperative elements, malfunctioning pilot lights or failed seals. One of the first things that our water heater service in Simpsonville SC tries to determine is exactly why you aren’t getting the hot water you need.
Ace Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air Simpsonville water heater service professionals will likely ask you some questions such as what the water smelled like the last time you had hot water. If the water smelled like rotten eggs, it could mean that you need a water heater replacement in Simpsonville SC.
You might be asked if the water remained at a constant temperature prior to going out. If the water’s temperature decreased but was still warm, a heating element might be out. This would mean that you only need to have a water heater repair in Simpsonville SC.

Simpsonville Water Heater Repair

When your water heater is still in good condition but has a minor problem, our Simpsonville water heater repair service might be an option. Because our friendly employees carry many parts with them, this might be something they can fix right away.

Water Heater Replacement in Simpsonville SC

If the unit needs to be replaced, our Simpsonville water heater replacement specialists can help you choose one that suits your needs. There are several factors to consider, including the number of people using the unit and what type of water heater you want to use.

Contact Us Right Away

If you notice any signs that the water heater in your home or business isn’t working properly, our Simpsonville water heater repair professionals can come out to find out what’s going on. We are a Duke Energy preferred contractor. Give us a call at 864-210-4002 to speak to one of our knowledgeable professionals who can help you schedule an appointment.

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