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Jet Drain Cleaning Services for Restaurants

If you run or work in a restaurant, you know what to expect in terms of messes in the kitchen. All of that cooking and cleaning over time will eventually lead to clogged drains and grease-filled pipes. Sinks steadily lose their ability to properly drain and it can lead to bigger problems and bad smells.

Attempting to unclog sinks on your own with a drain cleaner or a drain snake may offer a temporary fix, but soon the clog will keep reoccurring, costing more money and time spent trying to fix it. A much more efficient answer to unclogged greasy pipes is jet cleaning. Similar to pressure washing, it allows us to get into tight drains and pipes to fully soak and scour any messes that have clogged up your sinks.

ACE Plumbing provides the perfect solution for cutting the grime and gunk out of your restaurant kitchen pipes and grease traps by using specialized, pressurized tools to get the job done. This form of plumbing ensures that your pipes are extra clean and unlikely to clog up again for a long time.

ACE Plumbing is a reliable family-owned business that wants to ensure that you get satisfaction from our work. We want the best for you and your restaurant!

Give us a call today at (864) 210-5814 and we’ll be happy to help clean up your kitchen drains!


Jet Cleaning is for industrial-sized jobs like restaurants and food processing factories.

If you have noticed a slow-draining sink in your kitchen recently, it is best to get that checked and cleaned before it becomes a fully stopped-up mess.

It is recommended that commercial kitchens get their drains and pipes cleaned 2x a year for optimal performance. This helps avoid future blockages and setbacks.

It’s easy! Give ACE Plumbing a call at (864) 210-5814 or fill out a contact form here and will we get an appointment scheduled for you!

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