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Electricians In Upstate, South Carolina

It’s usually a good idea to hire an electrician rather than attempting to repair your house’s electrical system yourself whenever something goes wrong. While some minor repairs on your property might be handled by you, electrical problems necessitate the assistance of a certified electrician who uses all available safety precautions. 

Ace Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air company is a family-owned and run electrical company in and around Upstate, SC. Our experienced professionals are always available to help you with any repair or installation needs. We’re here to help you keep your home’s electrical system running safely and smoothly, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Most Common Issues Solved by Electric Professionals

Before you call for an emergency electrician in the Upstate, you need to find out more about the most common electrical issues that you may face:

  • Circuit breaker issues: The circuit breaker is the first line of defense against damage from over-loads or short circuits. A circuit breaker that trips on occasion is doing its job of preventing overheating and fires caused by overloads, but a circuit breaker that keeps tripping indicates there are more serious issues at hand.
  • Electricity sags and dips: A surge is a rapid rise in the voltage of power lines, causing your house’s outlets to receive a larger current. Surges frequently cause household electronics such as televisions to switch on and off rapidly. Sags and dips are closely related and can also cause major problems. This is where you simply can’t do without an emergency electrician near me.
  • Dead outlets: If your property has just a few or no electrical outlets, you’re not limited to charging your phone and watching TV at the same time. A lack of outlets can lead to overloading of existing sockets and rapid tripping of circuits. Homes that don’t have enough outlet connections might encourage a hazardous dependence on extension cords.

Looking for a trusted electrician near me? Let us know and our electricians will solve all your electrical problems.

Call us today at (864) 210-5814 to find out more about our home services, offers, payment options, and more.
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Keep Your Home's Electrical System Safe

Let’s run over some of the most effective preventative steps:

  • Know the location of shut-off switches and circuit breaker panels, as well as how to use them. These devices may be used to turn off the equipment in the event of a fire or electric shock.
  • Before each usage, inspect the wiring of equipment for damage. Replace any damaged or frayed electrical cables right away.
  • In case of an emergency, you should unplug your appliances from their power sources before attempting to switch them on. Adapters with circuit breakers or fuses are required.
  • Every time electrical equipment is used, follow safe work practices.
  • If you use an extension cord, limit its usage. Only utilize it for short-term activities and no longer than a few hours at a time. If your existing electrical outlet is damaged, replace it with a new one instead of using an extension cord.
  • Behind shields, keep exposed electrical conductors (such as those utilized with electrophoresis equipment).
  • Minimize the potential for water or chemical spills around electrical equipment.

Electrical Services Ace Provides

Ace Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air provides a full range of 24-hour electrician services for both residential and commercial clients:

Our team of certified electricians is equipped to handle any size job, from small repairs to complete system installations. Beyond this, we offer competitive, up-front pricing on all electrical services.


Ace Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air has the experience and expertise to handle all your electric service needs in Upstate, SC. Schedule your electrical service today.

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