Features of a Heat Pump Water Heater in Piedmont, SC!

Heat Pump Water Heater in Piedmont, SC

Heat pump water heaters are the new technology that homeowners are looking for. They offer many benefits over standard electric or gas models, but what are they? In this article, we’ll discuss the top features of a heat pump water heater in Piedmont, SC.

These units work by utilizing your existing central heating system to create hot water – no additional installation is necessary! The process works by using refrigerant chemicals and a compressor-style indoor unit that transfers energy from outside air into the warm fluid inside coils. This fluid is then routed through insulated tubing in your home’s exterior walls where it heats up before returning through piping indoors as hot tap water. It can heat an entire house if you have enough pipes installed, so be sure to check with us on sizing and location before you install or even schedule plumbing services in Greenville, SC for assistance.

Heat pump water heaters can save up to 40% of your home’s energy usage – that means they pay for themselves over time! Technicians well-versed in residential plumber services in Greenville, SC suggest heat pump water heaters as they are the best long-term investment and especially beneficial if the grid is experiencing blackouts or increasing electricity rates.

Heat pump water heaters are incredibly quiet, operate silently with no moving parts outside, require less maintenance than gas models (none!), and even provide hot water almost immediately after use so there’s never any waiting around either! You need to schedule only for water heater maintenance in Greenville, SC after the installation. There is no need to worry about repairs or services.

Best yet heat pump water heaters work by using existing central heating systems already installed in most homes, installation costs are minimal too. All we need from you is access to venting locations on both sides of the house where pipes will be installed.

It’s no wonder that this new technology is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after options for homeowners! These units will still provide savings over time and are well worth it. At Ace Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air we recommend heat pump water heaters for their many features and benefits!

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