4 Signs You Need Home Plumbing Service in Piedmont, SC!

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You need home plumbing services if you notice water leaks, clogged drains, or unusual smells coming from your bathroom. All of these problems require the services of a plumber who specializes in residential plumbing. So, if you notice any of these signs, call the best home plumbing service in Piedmont, SC today!

#1- A Sudden Loss of Water Pressure

A loss of water pressure is a common problem that occurs in many homes. In most cases, it happens because something is blocking the flow from the main water supply line to your home. This blockage will stop all the water from being supplied into your house which means you may have a hard time taking a shower or doing the dishes. If you notice this problem with either one or both faucets, don’t wait and call for plumbing services in Piedmont, SC right away!

#2- Low Water Temperature

Do you ever notice that the water coming out of your showerhead or faucet is lukewarm rather than hot? If so, then it’s probably time to call residential plumber services in Piedmont, SC because you may have a problem with the water heating system in your home. If you can’t get hot water, contact a plumbing company and they will send someone over right away and fix your HVAC unit as soon as possible.

#3- The Water in Your Shower is Cloudy

Cloudy water coming out of the showerhead could be a sign of mildew. Mildew grows underneath or inside any surface where there is moisture present. If left unchecked, it will spread throughout the bathroom and cause serious problems including mold growth. If the water in the shower is cloudy, call a professional immediately.

#4- The Water Temperature is Unpredictable

Inconsistent water temperature is another sign of possible issues with your water heater. This means that the hot and cold temperatures fluctuate between each other so much that it becomes hard to enjoy taking showers or baths at all! If you notice this problem only with one faucet, then call a leading contractor for water heater maintenance in Piedmont, SC. There might be something wrong with either the handle valves or cartridge-style valve assemblies that control the mixing process.

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