3 Signs to schedule Water Heater Repair in Greenville, SC!

Water heaters are rarely something people give much thought to other than the temperature of the water they provide. But it is important to be aware of signs that indicate problems with your water heater so you can get any necessary repairs done before there is a serious problem. Here are 3 signs that it’s time for water heater repair in Greenville, SC:

  1. Strange noises

If your water heater sounds like it is making strange noises, whether a loud banging or high-pitched squealing, this could indicate problems with the temperature and pressure relief valve. This is the safety valve that prevents your tank from exploding when its temperature rises above normal operating levels. If you suspect this valve may be malfunctioning, contact a plumber right away.

  1. Rusty water

Rusty or dirty-looking water is typically caused by sediment and corrosion within the tank itself. If you see this, it’s time for a full inspection of your unit to determine if any other problems need addressing. It may also be necessary to flush out the piping leading to your home to ensure there is no sediment buildup. Scheduling water heater maintenance near me in Greenville, SC with a plumber can help diagnose any potential issues with your unit.

  1. Low hot water pressure

Drops in water pressure are often caused by sediment buildup. If you have noticed that your hot water takes longer to arrive, or it doesn’t last as long, then the problem could just be mineral deposits in your tank. This is also a sign of potential leaks in the heating element. If they are not caught in time, these leaks can lead to serious damage throughout your unit.


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