New Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Service

Ace Plumbers with their new Hydro Jet Equipment for Restaurants

Have you heard? We’re offering a new hydro jet drain cleaning service at Ace Plumbing. This service provides a necessary deep cleaning of your pipes and drains. This ensures your business can stay up and running. It’s best used as a preventative service but can also be used in emergencies. This service is currently offered to restaurant owners and property managers.

So, why invest in a jet cleaning service? Let’s dig into that question.

The Problem with Dirty Pipes

If you run a restaurant or manage properties, you know to expect plenty of messes. Though you may wipe the counters and clean the floors, there is a forgotten place that must get routinely cleaned to keep your kitchen at peak performance. We tend to forget to care for the pipes and drains in our sinks and grease traps. All that cooking over time eventually leads to clogged drains and grease-filled pipes. Sinks steadily lose their ability to drain properly. This can lead to more significant problems, like shutting down the restaurant for days.

Attempting to unclog sinks on your own with a liquid drain cleaner is costly and will typically damage sewer pipes and the environment. Drain snake tools may seem to offer a fix, but they merely push a hole into the wall of grease in your pipes. Soon the clog will close up again, which means you have to waste time unclogging the sink again.

A much more efficient answer to unclogging greasy pipes is hydro jet drain cleaning. Like pressure washing, it allows us to get into tight drains and pipes to fully soak and scour any messes that have clogged up your sinks.

What is Hydro Jet Cleaning, and Why Do I Need It?

A hydro jet cleaning machine has a specialized nozzle that guides a hose through the length of a pipe to break up and wash away debris. The nozzle often has a single forward-facing jet and multiple rear-facing jets. The forward jet creates a hole through debris while the rear jets propel the nozzle forward. By utilizing a strong water pressure, these machines are able to safely cut through gunk without damaging your pipes. Since they also only use water, this service is more environmentally friendly.

Ace Plumbing provides the perfect solution for cutting the grime out of your restaurant kitchen pipes and grease traps using specialized, pressurized tools to get the job done. This form of plumbing ensures that your pipes are extra clean and unlikely to clog up again for a long time.

When Should I Get This Service Done?

It’s a good idea to get routine hydro jet cleaning done every year or every other year to keep up with your property’s drain maintenance and free it from any possible blockages. This is very important for places that can accumulate lots of grease in pipes. Want to go ahead and schedule a service with us? Call us at (864) 210-5814 or fill out a service request form.

Need a hydro jet drain cleaning service? Ace is here for you. 

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