Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Broken heat pump? Help is on the way!

Your home should be a sanctuary of comfort, no matter the season. We at Ace can fix your heat pump during a mid-summer heat wave or a brisk winter evening.

Call our 24/7 emergency heat pump repair services, and a friendly technician will arrive fast and on time. They bring all the right tools and expertise to make your system as good as new.

We provide quick, efficient heat pump services and treat your home like ours. Ask about our current promotions—we’re always ready with a deal that’s right for you!

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Why install a heat pump (or get an upgrade)?

Not sure if a heat pump installation suits you? Here are some benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: Our air-source heat pumps transfer heat indoors to outdoors and vice versa. Although they can cost more upfront, the long-term savings on energy bills are worth it.
  • Eco-friendly: They have a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Versatility: A single unit can cool and heat, so you don’t need extra equipment.
  • Air quality: They reduce allergens and pollutants by circulating and filtering air.
  • Quiet operation: Modern heat pumps are practically silent.
  • Longevity: They can last for more than 15 years with regular service.
  • Rebates and incentives: Many local governments and utility companies offer incentives for energy-efficient heat pumps. We can help you navigate those options.
  • Consistent comfort: They have fewer temperature fluctuations than traditional systems.

Think a heat pump replacement or installation will cost too much? Whether installing a new unit in your duct system or upgrading to an eco-friendly ductless heat pump, our experts will find you the best match for your budget.

Make your heat pump last longer!

Give your heat pump proper servicing and enjoy its energy-efficient, eco-friendly benefits for years. Also, regular maintenance is the difference between comfort and constant repair headaches.

We deliver spot-on heat pump maintenance to prevent emergencies. This service includes inspecting and cleaning the coils, checking refrigerant levels, and securing all electrical connections. And that’s only a fraction of it.

Try our comfort plans for waived fees, repair discounts, and in-depth checks. Ask us any questions! We’ll gladly train you to make the most of your heat pump.

Call us today at (864) 210-5814 to find out more about our home services, offers, payment options, and more.
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Want heat pump services that care for you? Contact us for fast emergency repair and tailored installation. We’ll secure your home’s comfort!

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