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Reliable heating repair to restore your comfort

Greenville has a moderate, normal climate year-round, but chilly nights are not uncommon. And if your home gets colder, you’ll need a reliable repair service on speed dial.

Ace’s heating services are your best bet. We do everything, from fixing common issues to complex breakdowns or resolving uneven warmth.

Next time you feel cold at home, contact us immediately to avoid paying more or getting sick. We know how to fix your problem fast.

FAQ - Heating services

You’ll know if your unit makes weird noises or smells bad. Also, if your bills start to get unusually high, your rooms are not equally heated, or you have repaired the heater a few times this year, those are clear signs you need to call a professional heating company.

Yearly, ideally before winter starts. This way, you will know on time if you have a functional, clean heater that’s not contaminating your air or increasing your energy bill.

You’ll end up feeling cold and possibly breathing damp air filled with mold spores and dust, which can worsen asthma and allergies. Also, if you don’t fix it on time, you may need an early, more expensive full heating replacement.

Yes. We’ll suggest the best type once we arrive at your home and evaluate the unit. Just tell us as precisely as possible about your needs, and we’ll examine the rooms before recommending units that fit your budget and space.

We take approximately 4 to 8 hours, depending on the job’s complexity. We might need a couple more if we have to do ductwork.

Heating installation and replacement experts

Do you dream of an ideal temperature at home? Are you getting a flawless system upgrade soon?

Whether you want a full central heating installation or localized heaters, don’t overthink it. That’s what we do!

You’ll want lower energy bills, fewer repairs, and equal warmth around the house. We’ll look at your home and install the ideal system for it.

Call us today at (864) 210-5814 to find out more about our home services, offers, payment options, and more.
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Heating maintenance for lasting efficiency

Small hiccups mean you need a heating tune-up. These are often minor breakdowns but do address them. When the cold season approaches, we can confirm your unit’s (optimal) performance.

Give your unit regular care after we install it; it will serve you well for years!

24/7 emergency heating repair

Don’t stress if your system fails you on a chilly night. We can get you help quickly.

Our heating contractors will leave for your place just after our call ends. With our effective diagnosis and even more efficient problem-fixing, you’ll be back to feeling comfortable in no time.

Don’t sit in the cold for too long. If you need emergency heating repair, count on us 24/7!

Heating Repair Companies in Piedmont, SC

Why choose this heating company?

Choose us because we:

  • Care for your well-being
  • Know how to fix Greenville’s most common issues
  • Are mindful of your budget
  • Offer comprehensive heating services
  • Are available anytime for emergencies

We are this community’s friendly, expert team of heating contractors, available 24/7. Whether you need installation, replacement, a tune-up, or urgent help, you’re not alone!

Because you put your family’s safety and comfort first, we do, too. If you are not 100% satisfied, neither are we! You’ll get the maximum quality in every job we do.

Need an urgent repair? Do you want a local technician to advise you on the best heating system to install at home? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to assist!

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