DIY or Call a Professional?

A man attempts to cover up a burst pipe he tried to fix himself. A lady stands in the background ready to phone for help.

If you DIY your home improvement project, will you save money? Or will it cost you an arm and a leg — maybe literally? It’s always important to determine the best option before you begin work on your landscape project or home improvement venture. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you decide whether to go DIY or call a professional!

When DIY Makes Sense

If the job is simple and you have all the necessary tools and skills, then DIY may make sense. For example, if you need to unclog a drain or maybe paint a cabinet, these are tasks that you can likely do yourself.

However, there are plenty of other home improvement projects where you’re better off hiring a professional. When choosing between DIY and calling in a pro, it’s important to consider both your budget and your skills. 

An appliance repair project that costs $100 may be worth doing yourself if you have tools and time to spare, but an expensive heating and cooling job might be better left to professionals. If you’re planning on tackling one of these bigger jobs yourself, research what’s involved thoroughly so you can avoid mistakes that will end up costing more than hiring someone in the first place. 

A few resources to check into include YouTube videos, how-to books, and websites about DIY home improvement projects.

When It’s Better to Call a Professional

If the job is complex or dangerous, then it’s probably best to call a professional. For example, if you need to replace your roof or electrical wiring, these are usually tasks that are best left to full-time experts. 

However, with many other home improvement projects, like painting a room or installing tile in the bathroom, it may be better to do it yourself. Many homeowners enjoy the satisfaction that comes with completing home improvement projects themselves. But is it always the best decision? 

What About Floors & Walls?

Let’s take a look at floors and walls to see when you should call in professional help. 

  • For floors, DIY makes sense if your flooring is easy to install and remove, such as vinyl sheet flooring. Wood, laminate, carpet, tile, and stone require more experience so you might want to hire someone who has installed these types of flooring before. 
  • The same goes for wall painting—as long as your walls are a smooth surface without any protrusions like insulation or pipes then painting is likely a cinch. However, if your wall contains anything protruding from the surface (like pipes), then it’s better for an experienced painter to handle the job since they know how far they can lean into the wall without damaging any items behind it.

What About Kitchens & Bathrooms?

Bathrooms and kitchens are important for more than one reason. First, super important things happen in those rooms. Second, prospective buyers will be looking at these rooms with an especially critical eye. You want them to look nice.

Yes, you can save big by DIYing your improvements in these rooms, but you can also make a gigantic mess. Here is our list of recommendations for whether to DIY the kitchen or bathroom: 

  • Does it involve plumbing or electricity? Hire a pro.
  • Are you laying tile? Hire a pro.
  • Are you laying vinyl planks? Consider DIYing it.
  • Are you installing cabinets? Consider DIYing it.
  • Are you putting in a shower, toilet, or tub? Hire a pro.
  • Painting the walls? Consider DIYing it.

For many projects, the cost of hiring someone who has experience with kitchens and bathrooms is often worth it considering how much time they will save you. Professionals also bring an eye for detail that may be lost on someone who is inexperienced at renovating these spaces.

What About Water, Electricity, or Heating and Cooling?

For many plumbing projects, homeowners will need to do some homework before taking any action. The plumbing project could require tools you don’t have access to or skills in this area. These factors make hiring a plumber worth considering.

If wiring is involved in the project, hire an electrician who has experience with this type of work. For heating and cooling repair jobs, qualified heating and cooling contractors have extensive knowledge about these systems, as well as awareness of the safety protocols for working with them.

(For all this complicated stuff, just call a professional!)

So, How Do You Know…?

So, how do you know when to call a professional and when to DIY? It all depends on the task at hand. If it’s something you don’t have any experience in doing, it’s probably best to call a professional in order to avoid costly mistakes. If it’s something that isn’t too complicated and could be learned from an online tutorial, then go for it! 

The next time you’re deciding whether or not to DIY – ask yourself

  • Do I have any previous experience in this task? 
  • Is it something I could learn from an online tutorial? 
  • And finally: What would happen if I did make a mistake while doing this task?

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